LeJeune Puetz Investment Counsel, one of the oldest and largest investment advisory firms in Northern Michigan, specializes in creating customized portfolios for high net-worth clients.

The firm had its beginnings in 1988 when Dennis LeJeune, formerly an Executive Vice President for the Harris Bank in Chicago, began providing investment advisory services to clients throughout the Midwest. John Puetz joined Dennis' investment advisory firm in 1996, and LeJeune Puetz Investment Counsel was formed in 1997 when John and Dennis formalized their partnership.

As a fee-only independent investment advisor who focuses on larger accounts, we have the ability to create customized portfolios for very reasonable fees. We do not sell annuities, other insurance products, or mutual funds with loads. We have no conflicts of interest, we receive no commissions, and we have no brokerage firm affiliations. First and foremost, we work for our clients!

The firm is a Registered Investment Advisor with the Securities and Exchange Commission ("S.E.C.") and the State of Michigan.


John C. Puetz